Rich Castaldo: “Politicians on Both Sides Are Too Old, Too Lazy and Too Tech Illiterate to Properly Run America.”

Photo by M. Arreola-Rios, NJ Press CP3

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 8, 2022 / — Technology investor and innovator Rich Castaldo says that the majority of our elected officials across both party lines are “Too old, too lazy and too tech illiterate to properly run America in the 21st century.” The statement came as Castaldo was speaking at a luncheon in Woodbridge New Jersey with up and coming technology innovators and recent grads who were interested in Castaldo’s perspective on the upcoming midterm elections and looming 2024 Presidential race.

Here’s an extended statement from Castaldo on his comments, “Our nation since its inception has been a leader in innovation, technology, medicine and so many other industries that have helped revolutionize the world for the better but we have fallen behind nations like Japan, South Korea and China in innovation and technology. Our education system is archaic and our teachers are less equipped today in many places than they were even 20 years ago. Education should be fun, it should excite our children to learn and to be the future innovators and titans of industry yet we have cities where high schoolers can’t pass a basic math and english assessment. This is unacceptable, it’s embarrassing and concerning. We have elected officials in both parties who are clueless how to use a smartphone, how to send an email or make a social media post and we expect them to lead the way in competing against other nations like China and Russia? This is asinine and dangerous and we need to change this fast. We need to upgrade our education system and encourage innovation and become a breeding ground for technology not a consumer society being hypnotized by useless information led by tech illiterate geriatric politicians. We can fix this and we must. America can be the technology and innovation leader of the world once again with the right leadership and it can start right here in New Jersey.”


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